Watercress Line

War on the Line

Join war-time re-enactors and experience life on a WWII steam railway at this living history event! World War II is well underway and all along the railway there is hectic activity...

Service men and women are dashing about, loved ones are saying goodbye to each other and evacuees are boarding trains. 'Spivs' are seen peddling their black market wares whilst trying to avoid the police. The Bomb Disposal Unit is kept very busy and there are even rumours of an inspection by Churchill himself! Find out about life on the Home Front, join in a '40's Jive and get a taste of railway life during the war.

The Watercress Line

Event Details


Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June 2018


The Watercress Line.


Adult £18
Child (age 2 - 16 yrs) £10
Family (2A+2C) £46
Child under 2 yrs FREE

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Further information is available on the website www.watercressline.co.uk/product.php/26/war-on-the-line


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