Jane Austen's House Museum

Guided Walk: In Jane Austen's Footsteps

Join Jane Austen's House Museum for a relaxed stroll through Jane Austen's country village of Chawton

"Three or four families in a country village is the very thing to work on..."

Jane Austen

Walk in Jane's footsteps and find out more about the village in which Austen lived; the people she knew, the places she visited and the importance of village life in shaping her writing. Throughout the walk, short readings from Austen's letters and novels will bring her world to life.

Suitable for all abilities, but please wear sturdy footwear.

Event Details


Friday 21 September 2018, from 10.30am until 12pm


Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton, GU34 1SD


Tickets: £10 + booking fee

Further information

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