Holybourne Theatre presents 'On The Job'

A New Farce by Luke Bateman & Elliott Williams

Seemingly, there's nothing unusual about four men sharing a flat. Except for one thing; three of them are professional assassins, leading a double life of ready meals and contract killings. But, when Pete, their 'normal' flatmate, leaves for Australia to 'find himself', he is temporarily replaced by Eve, a mysterious and enigmatic woman. Besotted with her elusive demeanour, the boys soon start to become entangled in her web of intrigue and deceit, eventually learning who she is, who she might work for and what she's doing here. Farcical and daft throughout, this play climaxes with an unmissable killer blow.

With previous shows 'Caught Off Guard', 'Past Times and Present Tents' and 'While Wee Wait' hailed as 'Unbelievable masterpieces' by Richard Curtis CBE, writing duo Luke Bateman & Elliott Williams return to their Holybourne roots.

Please note, there will be explicit language of an adult nature and parental guidance is advised when booking.

Event Details


Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 September 2018, from 7.30pm


Holybourne Theatre, London Road, Holybourne, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 4EL



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